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It is the story of a group whose origins date back to over a century, of friendship, respect and complicity between the Barrière-Desseigne family and the city of Cannes.

Dominique Desseigne

There exists almost a century of fellowship, respect and complicity, if not love, binding the Barrière-Desseigne family and the city of Cannes together.


They share similar backgrounds based upon a vocation – luxury tourism – and values in common: glamour, beauty, aspiration and celebration. Not to mention their international standing; Cannes has long enjoyed an international reputation and it is this international reach that the Société Fermière du Casino Municipal de Cannes (SFCMC), the Barrière brand’s Cannes branch is now seeking to develop by expanding into St. Barths and resurrecting the Carl Gustav, a real gem of a hotel on a paradise island. (Opening last quarter 2019.)


Last but not least, there’s another thing they have in common: modernity. Cannes is most definitely modern. Ever since the Belle Epoque, it has been reinventing itself and organising more high profile events like its famous film festival. Such dynamism has helped it remain a dazzling showcase for the art of French living. Barrière is every bit as modern; the services and facilities on offer at its two casinos and hotels, Le Gray d’Albion and Le Majestic, are testament to that.

They have been changing with the times from the moment they first opened. At the beginning of this decade, there was even a whole new wing unveiled at Le Majestic. The spectacular infrastructure of this jewel on the Croisette covers some 10,000 m² and incorporates two wonderful penthouses.


In addition to this impressive renovation work, the five-star establishment is consistently expanding its offering to ensure guests experience the most amazing stays there.


A stone's throw from the Croisette and Palais des Festivals, Le Gray d'Albion is a mainstay of tourist life in Cannes. Elegant and modern, this four-star establishment has also been entirely renovated and has yet more surprises in store for 2018.

The charming and relaxing environment that we strive to achieve for every guest epitomises the Barrière Experience. Try it for yourself...


We hope you delight in every possible joy and leave with the very best memories.



Dominique Desseigne, Chairman of the Société Fermière du Casino Municipal de Cannes

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