Our Story

  • 1919: The Société Fermière du Casino Municipal de Cannes (SFCMC) is created by Eugène Cornuché.


  • 1926: The SFCMC is bought by François André, Eugène Cornuché's associate.


  • 1952: François André buys the Hôtel Majestic in Cannes (SIEHM).


  • 1962: François André passes away. The Group continues to grow with his nephew, Lucien Barrière, succeeding him at the helm.


  • 1988: Slot machines arrive at the Casino Barrière de Cannes Croisette, the Cannes municipal casino.


  • 1990: Lucien Barrière passes away and his daughter, Diane Barrière-Desseigne, takes over.


  • 1991: The Société Anonyme Hôtel Gray d'Albion (SAHGA) is bought.


  • 1997: Diane Barrière-Desseigne's husband, Dominique Desseigne, joins her at the head of the Group.


  • 2001: Diane Barrière-Desseigne passes away.


  • 2003: The concession for the third Cannes casino, called Casino Barrière Les Princes and housed in the Société Casinotière du Littoral Cannois (SCLC), is obtained.


  • 2004: Casino Barrière Les Princes opens.


  • 2005: The Groupe Lucien Barrière (GLB SAS), which the SFCMC is independent from, is created. A service agreement between GLB SAS and SFCMC is drawn up. Slot machines installed at Casino Barrière Les Princes.


  • 2006: Sale agreement signed on 3rd March 2006 with the Bank of France with a view to purchasing the asset situated at 8, boulevard de la Croisette (Cannes).


  • 2007: Definitive purchase of the asset situated at 8, boulevard de la Croisette (Cannes).


  • 2008: The first stone is laid for the new wing of the Hôtel Barrière Le Majestic.


  • 2009: The renovation of the Hôtel Barrière Le Gray d’Albion begins.


  • 2010: The new wing of the Majestic and the Majestic and Dior Suites are inaugurated. La Petite Maison de Nicole restaurant and spa open. The Poker Room at the Casino Barrière de Cannes Croisette is inaugurated.


  • 2011: The Cinémathèque Diane is inaugurated at the Majestic.


  • 2012: The WSOPE world Poker tournament is held at the Casino Barrière Le Croisette Cannes.


  • 2014: La Plage Barrière Le Majestic Cannes, the first seaside resort on the Croisette to meet French coastal regulations, is renovated.


  • 2015: A lease for a hotel in St Barths (French Antilles) is signed to create a luxury 5* hotel. The Mélodie Suite is inaugurated, which is an important phase in the Majestic's bathroom renovation, and a new glass canopy is created for the Fouquet’s Cannes. La Plage Barrière Le Gray d’Albion Cannes is inaugurated.


  • 2016: The Lobby and the Croisette and Dinard Salons are renovated at the Majestic. Studio by Petit VIP opens. Shellona beach in St Barths opens in December.


  • 2017: Fouquet’s Cannes and the Fouquet’s Cannes Bar are renovated. Two new Prestige Suites are inaugurated at the Majestic and hotel rooms are renovated. Spa Diane Barrière inaugurated with Biologique Recherche. La Terrasse du Gray restaurant opens at the Gray d’Albion.

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