Our Strategy

With three beach hotels and two iconic casinos to its name, the SFCMC’s development strategy is based on innovation and a quest for customer satisfaction.

The SFCMC does all it can to ensure customer satisfaction

 "The SFCMC's development strategy, which features 2 legendary casinos and 3 beachside hotels, centres on innovation and the quest for customer satisfaction."


The constantly evolving SFCMC provides guests with continually improving quality products in order to maintain a sustained policy of investment across its establishments. Rooms, Lounges, Spas, Lobbies and Restaurants: wide-ranging commitments are ongoing and maintain a dynamic of constant development in the interests of anticipating customers’ desires. The opening of a new hotel in St Barths will signal the beginning of the SFCMC's overseas development.

The quest for customer satisfaction is also being achieved through a variety of activities. Exhibitions, concerts, literary events, gastronomy... The SFCMC continues to expand its offerings in a bid to provide something for everyone and ensure an unforgettable experience for all.


A responsible, conscientious key player


The SFCMC's development strategy incorporates the all-important concept of CSR. All SFCMC establishments are engaged in a comprehensive approach to good eco-responsible practices and societal commitments. Employee welfare, protecting the environment and biodiversity in the areas surrounding the establishments and improving the living conditions of future generations are just a few examples of the considerations involved in the development of the SFCMC.

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