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Luxury, elegance and serenity. Under the “Diane Barrière” label, the Hôtel Barrière Le Majestic Cannes offers haute couture treatments in partnership with the expertise of the prestigious Biologique Recherche brand, for a unique feeling of well-being.


A moment of serenity, a beautiful cosy cocoon in contemporary urban design: this is the promise of the Spa Diane Barrière with Biologique Recherche, the well-being centre at the Hôtel Barrière Le Majestic. This 450 m2 setting, worthy of the famous Palace de la Croisette as much for the elegance of its decor as the professionalism of its teams, offers high-performance treatments and massages for the face and body for both men and women alike.


Unique sensory experiences


This excellence is backed by the expertise of a major French cosmetics laboratory, the undisputed specialist in skincare: Biologique Recherche. Founded in the 1970s by Yvan and Josette Allouche, a biologist and physiotherapist respectively, the company now has a presence in more than thirty countries. It sets the standard thanks to its capacity for innovation, the meticulousness of its treatments, the quality of its products, the complexity of its formulas and the originality of its protocols. The Spa Diane Barrière has found the ideal partner to satisfy the expectations of its particularly exacting clientele.


This luxury urban spa by the sea also boasts a sauna, hammam and gym.



The Spa Diane Barrière at the Carl Gustaf St Barth


A new gem among luxury Caribbean hotels, the Hôtel Barrière Le Carl Gustaf St Barth will offer its guests the opportunity to reap even more benefits from their dream stay under the Caribbean sun by taking advantage of the expertise of the Spa Diane Barrière, its well-being centre.

 It boasts a sophisticated atmosphere, dedicated staff, relaxing, revitalising or energising massages and beauty treatments backed by the expertise of Biologique Recherche, an international benchmark in beauty care.


With forty years of rigorous research and constant innovation, this French cosmetics laboratory has developed a complete, original and high-performance range of treatments for the face, body and hair. First and foremost, it has become a leading specialist in skincare. Its protocols, formulas and products demonstrate a formidable effectiveness when it comes to energising the skin’s power for self-regeneration, restoring its brilliance and suppleness. The clientele at the Carl Gustaf is invited to enjoy more than just a fleeting moment of pleasure and indulgence: this experience will offer striking, never-before-seen and lasting results.



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